An Overview Of The Best Local SEO Strategies

seo - search engine optimization

Do you currently have a local business that offers services in your community? You may be using conventional means for attracting customers. Most businesses will have listings in the Yellow Pages or similar directories, hoping to attract customers that will need their services. However, more people than ever before are using the Internet, whether on their cell phones or with their home computers. They will go immediately to a search engine, or type into their browser, what they are looking for waiting for results. Smart companies are using the power of search engine optimization to rank their websites, particularly on Google, allowing them to be found on the first page of the Google listings. Here are a few of the best local SEO strategies that are being used today that can help any business attract more targeted visitors.

What Is SEO?

When you have a business, it is expected that you have some type of website to showcase what you are able to do. Local businesses will present the different services that they offer. Whether you are an attorney, locksmith, or a plumber, these are all displayed on your website for people to see. Your contact information will be presented allowing people to call or email you in an attempt to use your services for a problem that they are currently facing. If you are found above the fold at the top of the search engine listings, you will generate a significant amount of traffic for free. This is in stark contrast to PPC advertising where you are paying for every click that you get, some of which are just made by people looking around. This can be very expensive, and therefore search engine optimization specialists have been helping people achieve top rankings using the following SEO techniques.

Top Local SEO Strategies

The best strategies are a combination of both on-site and off-site optimization techniques that can help generally any local business rank on the first page of the search engine listings, preferably in the number one position. It is also possible to rank your website in what are called the local listings, particularly on Google, but for organic listings you need to use the following techniques. For on-site optimization, your website needs to have images and videos representing your company and the services that you provide. It should also have unique content on every page that you post. You need to interlink all of your related pages, typically within the same category, and place outbound links to authority sites that are already ranking for your selected keyword terms. As long as you focus each individual page on one particular keyword phrase, you should have an easy time ranking high on the search engines. If your competition is minimal, you should have no problem at all using only these on-site techniques to get to top positions. Off-site optimization is simply building backlinks, links that are pointing to your website from different Web 2.0 properties. You can either do this yourself by posting informative articles on different websites with in text hyperlinks pointing to individual pages, or create a Facebook page dedicated to your business, posting images and videos with links that will boost your rankings to the top of the search engines.

Using these basic strategies, virtually any local business can achieve top rankings in the span of a few weeks, sometimes sooner depending upon how competitive the keywords actually are. However, if you are one of the few businesses in your city or town that is offering your particular type of service, you will have no problem reaching the top position for your most profitable keywords using these simple strategies.


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